To live with all my might, while I do live

Psalm 84:5
Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.

Yes, hello. I'm Carissa Joy.

Welcome to the place where I bare my soul.

I am: a twenty-something senior at Liberty University, a missionary kid from Utah, a born and raised Californian.

I love Jesus, scarves, dancing (badly), my teddy bear, and YOU.

All I want to do is make it through life fulfilling the purpose God has set out for me.
And I believe He has called me to a very high purpose.

I just don't know what it is yet.

Tracking my teacher posts (that I post here because Tumblr is so much more anonymous than Facebook…) with #themissjchronicles.

Fo yo information.

So whenever my students have too much space in the margins or between the paragraphs in their papers, I draw a moon and stars and a planet.

Today during peer review in class, I came up behind a student and drew in the space on his paper, and he just kinda looked at me, so I whispered — space — and he just started laughing uncontrollably.

Shtuff got real in my classes today. I had to break out my serious teacher voice for the first time. 

It worked.

Really well.

Probably too well.


Missions trip director: “I’m impressed that you worked the word “finagling” into a sentence.


Folgers coffee never tastes as good as it smells.

*grumble grumble*

  • Student: Miss J, do you want to be in my Snapchat selfie?
  • Me: Sure.
  • Me: *poses*
  • Me: The caption better be "My English teacher is the best."
  • Me: And put it on your story, too. I want everyone to know.

this is it. this is the whole show


this is it. this is the whole show

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seeing a picture of my ex on a mutual friend’s Instagram this afternoon made me literally sick to my stomach. 

so that’s not okay.


I love this the dog is like awkwardly wagging his tail like he’s happy but doesn’t really know what’s going on I love this so much

The epitome of golden retrievers is wagging your tail even when you’re feeling really awkward

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He gets it.

actually so powerful

praise this post

what doesn’t this man get right..seriously.

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I just had a grown man tell me to “go make me a sandwich” as I was doing his pourover

I told him I didn’t understand what he meant because we’re a coffee shop, and he was like “oh it’s a joke” and I said I “didn’t get it” and he went “it’s funny because you’re a woman working in a kitchen”

And I just stared at him until he got how stupid he sounded

let them feel their ignorance burn into their souls

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the deep sea terrifies me and so do the southern united states

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11 months of Stella.

2 months old to 13 months old. 

This is precious

I almost just cried because dog

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"Today I’m sharing with you something I wrote myself," I began, as the class only semi-settled down after our rather rowdy bell-ringer discussion. "I wrote it when I was a grad school. My professor asked us to share a memory from our own high school experience and discuss how that experience plays…

Looking through education blogs. And this gave me chills.


'Follow restfully; His burden is light.'

Francis Chan in Sydney at Oxygen 2014.

instagram: @athenagracee / fujifilm xT1 / 18mm